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 About Salon HEX

Salon HEX is the collective gathering place for great minds and creators that showcases the originality of all our identities. HEX stylists are masters of our craft—professional, continuously educated, and experienced in creating unique hairstyles that express a spectrum of individuality. 

Ready for an image revamp? Want to update or enhance your current look to emulate your inner self, so you leave confident and complete with a style that authentically expresses your personality?

Whether you seek precision cuts with custom colors or desire a look that complements your natural textures, Salon HEX has you covered. Salon HEX stylists specialize in customizing your specific cut to any level of maintenance, and we use carefully selected products from conscientious makers. More than a hair salon, HEX interlaces independent stylists and makers together into an experiential tapestry of sustainable artistry.

A wide-open loft full of light and greenery, Salon HEX embraces the culture of Salon Life through its distinct and welcomingly witchy atmosphere. Our meticulously curated environment celebrates art, design, and sound while buzzing with today’s cultural movers and shakers. 

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